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    absorbed in every flow of
    mine, the overseas students
    had been another time
    amazed via this particular
    culture and that they
    couldn’t assist taking
    came the instant once I
    asked them to have a try
    themselves. washing the tea
    pots, adding tea leaves,
    and pouring water into the
    cups, they followed my
    commands and have been
    really immersed in charming
    tea way of life. the tea
    residence witnessed a in
    reality exciting time for
    everyone.on the cease of
    the pastime, retaining the
    tea bags in our arms, we
    took a image to memorize
    the unforgettable day. it
    unexpectedly hit me that
    conventional tradition like
    tea way of life became of
    extraordinary attraction
    and big price. and i
    swelled with pride to
    unfold our own culture to
    human beings everywhere in
    the world. Custom
    packaging solutions

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